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Tips on Home Heating Efficiency

Heating and cooling a home makes up a large portion of the energy used by the average homeowner. Taking steps to increase heating efficiency can reduce energy use and utility bills.

Change the Thermostat Setting

Your thermostat is one of the most important tools you have to control how much energy and money you spend to heat your home. You should set your thermostat to the lowest possible level you can while remaining comfortable during cold months. Even if you don’t notice a difference between 72 degrees and 68 degrees, lowering your thermostat four degrees can amount to significant energy savings. Consider lowering the thermostat by a couple degrees each week to acclimate yourself to lower temperatures.


Harness the Sun

The sun is a powerful source of heat energy. On days when the sun is out, open the drapes on your windows that face the sun to allow the sunlight into your home. This can help keep the temperature of the room. If sunlight is not shining, close the drapes on windows to help improve insulation.


Use your Fireplace

A wood burning fireplace can supplement your main home heating system and reduce the amount of energy it uses. Using a fireplace to heat the room that you are currently using can allow you to lower the thermostat and let the temperature drop in other rooms. You can also use space heaters to heat rooms you use more frequently and lower your thermostat.

A wood burning stove is a great way to keep the main room you use toasty!

Replace Air Filters

Energy Star recommends that homeowners check air filers monthly. Dirty air filters can obstruct the flow of air in a home, forcing the heating system to expend more energy to attain the temperature specified on the thermostat. New filters can also reduce the amount of ambient dust in your home.


Water Heating

  • Water heaters are another source of energy consumption in homes. Reducing the heat of your water heater and using less hot water can lower your energy consumption. Taking shorter showers and taking showers with warm water instead of hot water can also help increase heating efficiency.

Seal Ducts

  • Air ducts allow air to flow from furnaces and heat pumps to the rest of the home. Ducts with leaks can result in inefficient heating; according to Energy Star, “sealing and insulating ducts can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by as much as 20 percent.”

Source: www.ehow.com

For more information on Home Heating Efficiency Tips in Dublin and Kildare areas contact DARKOFIX at 0879036096 or complete our online request form.


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