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Going Green at Home

There are now lots of sustainable options when it comes to furnishing your home and you don’t have to give up an inch of style.  But remember the reasons these options are available now is because some good people and responsible companies realized we had to stop the madness.  The home decor industry is guilty of being a major contributor to the use of toxic chemicals in manufacturing and later loading up landfills with low-quality products with short life cycles.

Un-Eco-Friendly Home Furnishings Facts

  • Deforestation – The furnishings industry is the #3 user of Wood behind buildings and paper; often using woods from forests that are not sustainably managed.
  • Air Quality – There are many volatile organic compounds in adhesives, finishes, paints and carpeting which affect us all but especially the 15-20 million people with asthma in the U.S..
  • Overloaded Landfills – 8.8 million tons of furnishings are discarded annually.

When it comes down to it, the simple mantra of “REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE” sums it up, so lets talk about how you can design your home with those thoughts in mind.


Live with less!   An interior designer who is encouraging you to purchase fewer things for your home.  Our role  has much more to do with sharing knowledge and eye for design rather than selling furnishings. So when your  ready to purchase a new chair, take your time and select one that speaks to your true sense of style (not a fleeting fad) and  that is the best quality and most eco-friendly that you can afford.


It can be fun to get anything new…but we can all admit that the joy is fleeting.  Think about what you have that can be used in a new and different way.  Old tables or mirrors are the perfect candidates for a mod face-lift with a coat of bright eco-friendly paint.  An antique chair has new personality when covered it with a modern fabric.  Ask you friends and family if there is anything they’d like to swap.  We’ve all found great items at flea markets and antique stores.  Why not cut out the middle man?


All good things must come to an end but that doesn’t mean they all need to end up in a landfill.  Used furnishings that still have some life in them can be donated or listed on Freecycle or craigslist. Old textiles can be used for rags, drop cloths or quilts.  Leftover paint should be brought to the proper recycling facility.  There is also a program where leftover paint is being used to decorate people’s homes who cannot afford the paint themselves.  If you need some guidance on where to recycle you old stuff try Earth 911.

Every item in your newly decorated living space need not be Green!  Just consider the options and choose the sustainable ones where they work for you.  Balance beauty and function with your earth-friendly values. These small steps get us further down the path to sustainability and a Cleaner and Greener World.

Here are just a few examples how you could reuse your old wardrobe…

Warbrobe No 1

Wardrobe No 2

Warbrobe No 3

Wardrobe No 4

Warbrode No 5

Warbrode No 6

Warbrode No 7

Wardrobe No 8

Wardrobe No 9

Wardrobe No 10

If you need any help in renewing your old wardrobe or any other peace of furniture, please contact DARKOFIX team operating within Dublin and Kildare areas by calling at 0879036096. You can also visit www.darkofix.ie for more information.


April 25, 2011 - Posted by | Interior Design Ideas

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