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Black and White Living Room Design

If you have been looking for the right mix of contemporary and traditional, in the right colors that never go out of season or fashion, that are easy to maintain then your choice ends at black and white. A living room done up in the right shades of white and black is the right way to send a message across of power and finesse. The living room is the place where you end up entertaining or relaxing. The three different kinds of seating arrangements in the living room make an interesting combination. The long sofa can also double up as a couch. The cushions and the rug complement the theme and yet break away the monotony of it. The zebra pattern rug is the latest in adding animal prints for home decor.

The hairy textured zebra print rug on the floor adds the right luxurious and plush feeling to this living room. Wherein you would love to kick off your shoes and sink your feet in this deep rug. The neat wall mounted TV adds the right mix of technology to this living room. The lights in the shape of round globes and the vases with the unusual shapes of narrow and long necks make the right statements in this living room. The walls are bare except for this one big picture in different hues of the color tones of black, white and gray, probably resembling what life’s stands for. This picture makes an interesting study. The smooth granite or marble flooring in white also makes the room look bigger and sparklingly clutter free. The white on the ceiling and the walls exude that aura of peace and solitude and yet be extremely modern and in sync with the times. The well-matched mixing of different shades of black and white in order to create the right kind of canvas or collage for this living room makes the owner want to spend more time in here. The fact of the matter is that the color black/white have been favorites since ages and continue to remain so and they go on to resemble life and its various contrasts and shades. So, consider this theme and create a perfect living room for yourself.


May 23, 2011 - Posted by | Interior Design Ideas

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  1. I prefer white walls and black furniture.

    Comment by fitted kitchens | June 28, 2011 | Reply

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